Outstanding Wagyu, with the Poll Advantage

Industry concerns over dehorning have mounted since the turn of the decade. At the same time the Hammond family of north-west Tasmania was celebrating two decades of honing their Wagyu herd’s genetics. Their cattle were packed with renowned, performing fullblood lines, but a few of the calves still had the poll phenotype. It was clear to the Hammonds that there was no need to compromise: in 2013, they began to focus on producing poll wagyu.

The Hammonds soon joined with prominent wagyu breeders, Scott de Bruin of South Australia, and the Hamblin family of Queensland to pool some of Australia’s finest wagyu genetics and expertise.

With the poll gene not being part of the selection criteria for 20 years, it has allowed Poll Wagyu to offer a phenotypically and genetically sound animal with the additional, poll advantage.

Why Poll Wagyu?

Genetic quality  Our purebred bulls were bred for carcass performance. The three breeders involved in Poll Wagyu Pty Ltd have all contributed high-performing fullblood genetics for marbling and soft fat from their herds.

Two of the bulls which are currently being used extensively in our herds’ genetics, are number-one sires in two major herds based on years of carcass data. They are ADBFA0139 MAYURA ITOSHIGENAMI JNR (AI) and KURO KIN SHIKIKAN D 507.

Adaptability  Our bulls are already acclimatised to most Australian conditions: our poll wagyu animals are now benefiting herds in Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. You can introduce poll wagyu genetics to your herd, without impacting your operating system.

Growth rate  The pre-weaning growth rate among the first drop of poll wagyu calves at the Hamblin’s property, was double that of the Hamblins’ other purebred calves. We believe this is due to the poll calves not being subjected to the stress of dehorning, as well as growth genetics.

Horns are for cars… as Beef Central recently reported. Welfare concerns related to dehorning – and the associated reputational risks for cattle farmers – are mounting. Besides safety issues, dehorning costs time and labour. In intensive grazing systems, the branding or marking process is over 50% faster when dehorning is eliminated. In extensive systems, poll cattle eliminate the need for an additional early muster, and losses associated with dehorning of older calves.

Poll calves  If you breed from one of our homozygous poll sires you are assured 100% poll progeny:

  • Over homozygous cows: 100% homozygous poll calves
  • Over heterozygous poll cows: 50% homozygous poll calves and 50% heterozygous poll calves
  • Over horned cows: 100% heterozygous poll calves

Registered sires  All our purebred bulls can be registered as sires with the Australian Wagyu Association.