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PWYPPQ722- Perfection


Q722 (Poll Wagyu Perfection) is a:
• Homozygous Polled
• Genetic Condition Free
• Tenderness 10
• Son of Midnight (top selling animal at the 2018 Elite Sale - $185,000)
• Out of a proven dam line.
His dam PWYPMN125 has had 2 full brothers enter the feedlot at just 264kg, in an effort to push for carcase data, these steers grade 9 and (MIJ) 10 at 26 months of age.
His maternal granddam, A1589, is poll wagyu’s top original cow. She is averaging 9+ over 5 carcases out of 3 different bulls.
A proven maternal line, combined with Midnight, linking back to the famed Itoshigenami JNR; Poll Wagyu is excited to deliver a top-quality homozygous bull to auction, from proven genetics.
Poll Wagyu Perfection is 8 months old and comes from a JBAS 7 property, ready to go anywhere in the country.
Every calf produced by this bull will be phenotypically polled or scurred.

  • Sire:
  • Dam:
  • Trait:
  • D.O.B: 11/09/2018
  • WGCT: B3F, CHSF, CL16FU, F11F, F13F
Further detailed data available on the Australian Wagyu Association website
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