Carcase Data – Bar R 52Y (BRCPG0052) Heterozygous Poll Bull

Since Bar R 52Y (BRCPG0052) progeny have been coming through the Robbins Island Program the profitability and consistency has increased immensely.


+1100 Bar R 52Y Progeny have now been processed through the Robbins Island Wagyu Program.


An additional 31 Bar R 52Y Progeny were processed in a trial in Queensland. The dams of these animals were all Hammond Farms original Heterozygous Polled females. The animals entered the feedlot at ~250kg and were processed young, at approximately 24-26 months of age in an effort to push for carcase data. This yielded mixed results, but allowed us to rank our poll females.

A comparison of Marbling, Carcase Weight and Eye Muscle Area between Bar R 52Y Progeny and Kanadagene 100 Progeny in the same contempary groups.

Hammond Farms ranks Kanadagene 100 as the top bull in their program before they went polled. Bar R 52Y ranks slightly lower on BMS, but makes up the difference with Carcase Weight.